Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Lordy, Lordy, he can't be forty

Hard to believe I have a son who's turning 40 today.
I remember it like it was yesterday, trying to finish a quilt I was tying and no matter what position I sat or crouched in, I was uncomfortable.
Dana at 2
Dana's father called home and I shared my discomfort and he wanted to come right home.
I told him I didn't think it was labor. I was pretty sure labor was much worse.
He was right and so was I.
I was in labor and actual labor is much worse. Turns out I was just getting going.
But a few hours later, I had this beautiful baby boy.
All mine.
Well, a little bit his daddy's too but all mine in the sense that I got to take him home from the hospital like a thank you gift.
I played with this little guy and hugged this little guy and as he grew older, I spent hours doing puzzles and string art with him.
He was busy and I was too, trying to keep him entertained and progressing. He seemed to have a mind that couldn't quite get enough.
Dana the Cub Scout
Sometimes at night, when he was still just a toddler, he'd still be up at 2 a.m. doing Light Bright pictures.
He went everywhere and did everything, trying on life like a new shirt. He didn't worry about where he was or getting lost because as he seriously explained to me when he was about 3, "I know where I am, mom!"
He was curious and inventive and all kinds of fun. After his father and I divorced, he was my "date" for the Gold and Green ball for a couple of years.
He was a champion debater, an Eagle Scout, a good big brother and a wonderful son.
Today he owns his own company together with his wife who is just as brilliant. He routinely does things and handles problems I don't even understand.
He's capable and confident.
He's not too happy about turning 40 but then neither am I since I was 20 when he was born so if he's 40, that would make me...uh, ummm, I'm not sure.
Dana all grown up
I told you I wasn't all that good with math.

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