Saturday, April 27, 2013

Pennies from heaven

So I'm checking our checking account as I usually do on a daily basis so I can keep ahead of the money coming in and going out.
The total was $2,500 higher than it was yesterday and it wasn't payday and I wasn't expecting any remunerations from any of my freelance clients.
I quickly checked the date. Nope, nothing anticipated today.
Tax refund money had already come in and been spent.
Maybe somebody gave us a gift?
Perhaps we were getting a rebate on our phone or TV service...we have been haggling with both services for a while trying to get the price down to what we agreed upon.
Maybe a gangster was parking his winnings in our account?
I called Marc.
He wasn't expecting any money and it was not from the company he works for, similar name but not the same.
He went off to do some investigation.
Turns out that a company Xactware was working with to place advertisements had inadvertently paid Marc for the space rather than the proper entity.
They would like their money back, please.
It was very much like the time we closed a loan for our house 20-odd years ago.
We settled up.
The realtor handed us an envelope and we walked out only to realize a few moments later that they had made the check for the payoff (of about $50,000) to us.
There was a momentary thrill.
Think of all the things we could do with that money.
Even if it was a mistake, maybe they wouldn't notice...
Of course, we straightened up and went right back in with the check to point out their error to them and they were pretty grateful. It saved them some stress.
And I know we did the right thing. We couldn't have kept the money. It would not have been honest and would be akin to robbing a bank...very much the same, actually.
It felt good to be honest.
Putt dang.

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