Monday, July 1, 2013

Seeing it from the other side

For most of my life, I've been the one asking the questions and writing the stories.
I have chased down unhappy politicians, people who didn't want to comment, folks who were blindsided by the media and neighbors with a story to tell.
I always tried to be fair and balanced in my reporting but often there would be someone upset by my story.
I didn't always see the problem.
Now it's my turn.
I've been interviewed for a piece in the Utah Valley Magazine's women's edition for July and August.
The reporter told me she needed a grandmother to fill out the section and my name had been suggested.
I do, actually, write this blog called "Grandma's Place" where I often talk about things we do with grandchildren. So duh?
I was game for the interview and felt like the writer got a picture of life at our house.
However, seeing what I said in print is revelatory.
The story came out today and I can't help but cringe as I hear my words quoted back to me.
I sound pretty full of myself and I didn't mean it like that at all.
I know I said those things but did I really say those things? Is that what I meant to say? Can I explain?
Grandmothering is hard, just like mothering is hard.
You have good days and bad days, successes and failures.
I read this piece and wonder what my kids will think, what would they have added?
They know better than anyone that my efforts sometimes backfire.
Sometimes I get frustrated. Often, someone is mad at me.
Sometimes — actually often — I lose it when a well-laid plan goes awry or a 2-year-old walks around on the new couch with an open glass of grape juice.
I'm not the "Grandest of Grandmas" or even very patient. I love my children and grandchildren but I'm not super grandma.
I'm more like a grandma-in-training.
I guess turnabout is fair play, huh?
P.S. Where the story quotes me as saying "I just grin and bare it..." I'm pretty sure I meant the other kind of "bear" it. Nobody send it to Jay Leno, OK?

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