Wednesday, February 12, 2014

A row of sweet singers

The six little girls we took to the show on Monday night know all about letting it go...
There was no holding back when it came time to sing along to the "Frozen" songs.
It was magical and fun and it made both Marc and I cry.
We had 2-year-old Mia, 4-year-old Erica, 5-year-old Hannah, a 7-year-old and two 8-year-olds with us.
They all know all the words.
They've all seen the movie at least a couple of times.
But that didn't mean they weren't thrilled to get our invitation to see it again.
Marc had heard about Disney's Sing-along version with the bouncing snowflake and thought it might be fun to take a couple of girls.
Next thing we knew we had half a dozen ready to go with us.
Since we hadn't seen this movie, we felt it our grandparently duty to get on board.
It was a ride.
We'd already heard all about Anna and Elsa and Olaf and Hans.
We knew the two sisters had been separated for years and one had magic powers that made her dangerous.
But we didn't know about the snow monster or the scary parts.
We discovered there were scary parts when Mia came over to climb up and sit in the seat with her 7-year-old cousin Emma for protection.
We realized it was a little frightening for Erica when she came to sit in my lap.
But, for the most part, it was delightful and fun.
We liked the music.
We thought Olaf the snowman was funny particularly when he sang about how wonderful it would be when he could spend time in the sunshine.
We learned about sacrifice and true love between sisters.
We saw a good movie but mostly we watched the animated faces of the grandchildren around us as they belted out songs with gusto.
That was truly splendid.

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