Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The drug scene

My doctor warned me a while ago that this day was coming.
He showed me a flier from a local pharmacy that said soon pharmacists would be making the decisions as to who got what drugs.
I didn't totally dismiss the prediction but I didn't worry unduly.
Well, a day or so ago I went to pick up a prescription drug that I take on a daily basis.
The lady at the counter said she only had a few pills and I would probably need to come back in a couple of days.
I was startled.
I need to take this particular medication regularly. If I don't there are fairly severe consequences.
I came back a day later and this time, the senior pharmacist came out to talk to me.
"There's a nationwide shortage of this drug," he said. "You had better call some other pharmacies and see if they have any."
I panicked a little.
However, I thought I had some reserve tablets in my 72-hour kit so I'd be OK for a few days.
Turns out I don't.
I went downstairs today to get them and apparently I had already raided my back-up supply.
The next morning I called my doctor who is a specialist for the condition I have.
He said he'd never heard of such a thing but told me my drugs have a half-life of about a week so I'd have a little time before the situation became really serious.
I really didn't want to risk coming out of my remission.
I went back to the pharmacy.
This time, the pharmacist said he had 48 tablets — not a full refill, but more than nothing.
I took them.
I came home. I'm guarding them with my life.
If this keeps up much longer, I'll have to get me a drug dealer. (My family physician says he has a contact in Canada...)
Who knew?

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