Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Eggsactly right

The Easter Bunny's sweat shop

Easter is always hard on my brain.
We try to host "Grandma's Easter Egg Hunt" every year and with the blending of two families and 33+ grandkids, the math is too difficult for me.
I start out thinking it'll be no biggie...Just make a list and check it twice. Buy candy and lots of little plastic egg-shaped containers and it'll be fine. Start early and it'll be fine. (Say "It'll be fine" over and over again.)
But it quickly involves multiplication and division.
We want the hunt to be worth attending so each child should be looking for a dozen or so candy-filled eggs, right?
So if we have 33 walking kids, minus those who'll be away on vacation and those who are too grown to participate or those who'll be at gymnastic meets, that leaves 20.
Twenty times 12 is...uh, let me get my calculator.
Add in the babies and the bigger kids who will be assisting the Easter Bunny in the hiding...divide by the ones who need their eggs early.
And how much candy will it take to fill approximately 200 eggs?
Every bag is maybe good for 20-30 eggs? How will I know when I have enough?
The bunnies are easy. One for each basket — but I need to remember to buy baskets and make sure I have enough pink ones for the girls who only want pink. Is yellow with flowers OK for the boys?
How do I make it fair candy-wise?
Hours of endless fun
Put the same amount into each egg so no matter what they all get similar bounties?
What about variety?
And what if they don't all like the same things?
Oh well, I end up putting about half a dozen things in each egg and slamming them shut...unless the marshmellow bunnies won't fit.
It always goes from a slam-dunk to a major assembly line operation.
I lay out little rows of eggs and count and count.
I make Marc come count too because somehow I end up at the hunt wondering if I miscounted when somebody can only find eight instead of 12.
It's not the world's biggest problem, I know.
And I'm aware that the point of Easter is to celebrate God's greatest gift to the world. That's what it's all about.
It's going to be fine. I know that.
But it sure would be nice to get this right.

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