Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Cutting off your face...

Sometimes my husband listens to me and takes my advice.
I've been worried about an odd bump on his cheek that seemed to me to be changing color and size.
Since I look at the side of his face a lot, I think I can more easily judge if something is different than he can.
So after a few weeks of what I call loving observation and comments (and he calls nagging), he decided to see the doctor.
He went in one afternoon after work and came home with a innocuous spot bandage on his cheek.
He said the doctor didn't seem very worried about it but injected a local anesthetic into the site, produced a sharp scalpel and sliced the bump off. Then he cauterized the edges of the wound, dropped the bump in a bag and asked the nurse to send it off to a lab.
Marc said it was fairly simple and he should have results in a week.
The problem is: he's having a fair amount of swelling and pain just below and beyond the bump site.
It hurts him to chew and to swallow and to hear.
I'm somewhat concerned because it doesn't seem quite right to me.
I have been bugging him about it which annoys him because that's why he went in — because I was bugging him.
I stepped in for a hug the other day and inspected his face.
Wait...something was off.
I looked to the left side and then back to the right.
I'm pretty sure the site of my original concern was on the right side of his face.
The left side is sporting the bandage.
"Marc," I said, "That's not the one I was worried about. The one I was talking about is still here."
"What?" he exclaimed. "I had him cut off the wrong thing?"

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