Thursday, April 21, 2016

no girls allowed

Of all of the pageantry and song and colors at the Cavalia Odysseo show, 7-year-old Hannah was mostly stunned with one thing.
The horses are all geldings and stallions, no mares.
"They're all boys?!" Hannah cried, after the opening question and answer quiz on the curtains told us there were zero mares in the equine cast.
She was truly dismayed and hugged her plush, black horse closer to her.
She'd already christened her stuffed toy "Shadow" and defended her horse's gender to a little girl in the restroom line.
The little girl had one just like Hannah's and introduced her as "Rose."
Hannah told her the black one she held was named "Shadow" and the girl said, "That's a boy's name."
Hannah was indignant and after we returned to the show, she kept repeating "I can't believe they are all boys!"
That's the first thing she told her mom when she got home. before she told her about the magic lake that appeared, the snow, the rain, the galloping white horses, the dappled black and white horse, the jumping guys and the ladies who ride two horses at the same time.
Hannah had looked forward to going to the show for weeks, not only because she would get to go alone with grandma but because horses are her third favorite animal.
She was pleased with the free Strawberry Fanta and the poster of the white horse whose head is on posters all up and down I-15.
She liked our seats and jumped up and down waiting for the show to start.
She liked the carousel with girls draped in white and hanging upside down.
She kept trying to find the youngest horse, the 6-year-old, in the troupe. (We think it was the one that wandered a little out of line now and then.)
She was pretty impressed and stayed focused for almost the whole three hours.
But when she headed out for school the next morning, she was still wondering why they were all boys.
"All boys? That's weird," she said, shaking her head.
I didn't even try to explain what might happen if there were 12 stallions and dozens of attractive mares working together every day.

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