Friday, January 6, 2017

That ties it...

So Marc and I are standing in line for my chance to get a picture of me busting through the wall at 9 3/4 station in London.
A flying...
It wasn't hard to find the line. We came into King's Cross station and almost immediately found the crowd bunched around the wall on the side.
There apparently was no charge for standing by the wall even though someone had gone to a bit of trouble to put half of a trolley right into the bricks.
It was great!
We could snap a picture and take home a photograph that had real opposed to the ones of natural landmarks like Stonehenge and Lincoln Castle.
We would just have to wait a little and the line was similar to a line in Disneyland. It looked much shorter than it actually was.
We stepped into place and watched while Harry Potter fan after Harry Potter fan walked up to the wall and the trolley, flipped his or her scarf and became digital history.
It was interesting, especially since everybody involved was really into character.
But it wasn't long before I noticed a couple of things.
I was the only grandma in line.
Mostly there were punk kids and young people with tattoos and nose rings and really short skirts.
The next thing I noticed were the scarves involved.
The kid in charge had four scarves on the iron fence holding in the line of people: you could pick your colors, HufflePuff, Gryffindor, Slytherin, and RavenClaw.
The teenage boy at the station gate picked out the one you indicated and tossed it over your shoulders and neck. Then on the count of 3, he'd flip it up — out of the line of sight — and the camera man took the shot.
It made for an effective look. The scarf seemed to be floating behind you as you hit the wall.,
I gulped as I watched stranger after stranger ask for the Gryffindor scarf and this kid laid the same scarf on the hair of dozens.
I looked at Marc who picked right up on my dismay.
"I'll go get you your own!" he offered, indicating the gift shop so conveniently located right next to the picture-taking area.
So 18 pounds or the equivalent of $22 later, I approached the magic spot near the wall.
I jumped when the camera man said to jump.
I tried not to look as odd as I felt, pretending to leap into a solid wall of bricks with abandon.
It made for a good picture.
And now I have my own Harry Potter scarf.
Mine. All mine.

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