Tuesday, November 30, 2010

And so it goes...

I was a stringer when I started in this business. I wrote stories about the happenings at Bonneville High School for The Post-Register in Idaho Falls and got paid a whopping $6 a week. I thought that was big money especially since I loved what I was doing and the clout it seemed to give me with my teachers and pals. That all seemed to think because my picture was in the paper I had power.
I tended to let them think that, by the way. In high school, you need all the help you can get.
Later on, I started working for The American Fork Citizen, again, as a stringer. I walked in and announced that I would be happy to write for them on my terms. I could come and go as I pleased and get paid when I turned in stories that ran.
For me, at that time, it was an ideal relationship. I had six small children and a husband who drove truck and was rarely home. I needed something to occupy my mind and places to be and go. The correspondence work was perfect. If I was so inclined I did a story. If I was not, the paper had no real hold over me.
Now, here I am, at 59 years of age, after working in the industry full-time for more or less 35 years and I'm going to be a stringer again.
The Deseret News has asked me to continue to supply copy (stories and pictures) after my departure on Dec. 31. I will be paid per piece and I can come and go as I please.
Hmmm. I like the come and go part. I like the being able to continue to write and review and take pictures part. I even like still being associated with the Des. News.
I'm just wondering about the fact that I've come full circle with only a slight raise in the pay.

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