Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The first of many

I'm calling this blog the first of many when in actuality it's the second of many blogs I intend to write. (I set up a blog months ago but lost the address, how brilliant is that?)
Since The Deseret News has determined I'm an expendable employee as of the end of December, I wanted to find a place where I can talk. My daughters and step-daughters all blog and I enjoy reading them so I have decided why not?
I can't talk about the workplace or the circumstances thereof just yet but I can talk about grandkids and husbands and children and ideas.
So this blog site will be a place for ideas, mostly about things to do and observations triggered by our grandchildren although since it's my place, it'll be open season for just about anything.
Hopefully, those of you who visit will come away enriched and enlightened or at least mildly entertained.
If I include any of you, I'll pay you a quarter for every time I use your name.
Years ago, when I wrote a column for the American Fork Citizen, my children lamented that they deserved to be paid for the many times they were embarrassed in public.
Little did they realize, I was paying the bills at the time with what I gleaned from their life experience.
I want to include tips for dealing with children and grandchildren and husbands, mostly what not-to-dos, based on my trial and error life.
But enough about beginning. Let's go, ready or not!

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