Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Do you have a ladder?

My granddaughter is concerned that her house isn't decorated for Christmas.
She lives in a beautiful new home in Lehi that is routinely buffeted by strong winds and her parents haven't figured out yet how to hang lights that won't be blown away every night.
Seems the neighbors have all had trouble and several have just given up the battle.
In addition, the house doesn't really lend itself to decorating with ease.
The roof is bartile and there's nothing from which to hang lights.
Her dad would have to risk life and limb to string any serious lights.
But Adell doesn't get it. She keeps asking why they don't have lights?
In her 5-year-old way of thinking, it's a problem that could be solved if we all tried.
When we were taking her home the other night via the pretty Christmas lights route she told Grandpa his lights were great.
(We have a single string of snowflake lights strung across the front of our house. Nothing more. Just the one strand and I'm not complaining because Marc isn't big on decorating. I'm lucky to get the one strand.)
Then she asked Grandpa if he used a ladder to put up our lights.
He said yes.
There was a short pause as she thought about that.
Then she became excited. 
"You have a ladder!?" she exclaimed as if she'd discovered gold.
He said he did.
"Then can I borrow it?" she asked, thinking she'd found the answer. "My daddy needs your ladder."
Uh. We're not sure her dad would appreciate it but sure. (Sorry, Wade.)

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  1. We hung up some lights for the first time this year, we hung them inside the front window. Would that be a solution?