Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Understanding HannahSpeak

She's only two but she packs a powerful punch.
Hannah the great
This tiny girl flies around the house like an energized bunny, intent on exploring as much territory as she can in a short amount of time.
When she wants something she can turn the whole household upside down to get it.
And this from a child who cannot talk — except in her own language. We call it HannahSpeak.
This blonde, wispy-haired cutie chatters at a blue streak.
She has "No, I donwannit" down cold.
She says "Stuck!" when something doesn't work right or fast enough to satisfy her.
She says "Adell!" when she thinks there's something awry that could be her big sister's fault.
She says "Grampa" to call for me and or for Marc.
The rest of the time she's saying words that kind of run together and beg for translation.
And she learned to use it to her advantage.
For instance, she'll say "Wannahaicescreamscone, grampa!" in a sweet babbling tone.
"Ice cream?" I'll ask in an effort to understand and help her spell it out more clearly.
"Wannahaicescreamscone, grampa!" She'll say, taking my hand and leading me into the kitchen.
"Ice cream cone?" I ask again as she looks at me with these big, blue eyes and cheery smile.
"Wannahaicescreamscone, grampa!" She now demands, clearly frustrated that I'm not getting the message.
 "You want an ice cream cone, Hannah?" I ask again looking at her mother who would prefer that she eat a healthy meal first, particularly since she's already had some M&Ms, a cookie and gum from my purse.
"Wannahaicescreamscone, grampa!"
Noting that her tone is rising and she's losing patience thinking I still don't understand what she's saying, I say again, naively trying to verify that I get it.
"You want an ice cream cone, Hannah?"
"OK!!" Hannah  beams, nodding happily. "Wannaicecreamcone!"
I think I'm being had here.

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  1. yeah but she's easily cute enough to get away with it :)