Thursday, January 24, 2013

Freezing at the flicks

It's one thing to get cold outside or when you run to get the mail in your bedroom fuzzy slippers.
It's another to freeze at the movies where people usually go to get out of the weather and get warm or cool off, depending on the season.
Marc and I are going to see films at the annual LDS Film Festival in Orem at the SCERA Center of the Arts.
And I guess, the budget doesn't allow for paying for heat.
The showhouse was frigid to start and then it got increasingly colder as the night wore on.
Perhaps those in charge thought the crowds would come in and warm up the place with body heat.
That didn't happen.
First of all, the crowds never materialized.
It was the smallest opening night crowd I've seen so far and I've been attending this event for years.
Then it started late. (I've never really understood how people who can make movies, using all kinds of high tech equipment, can have such problems getting a DVD projector to work.)
We were in our seats early — just in case there was a crowd — and then it took more than 30 minutes to begin.
It seems the festival producers wanted to show us a little preview piece they had put together to get us interested in some of the other movies coming our way.
The equipment gave them fits about that and we kept seeing little messages on the screen like "no storage found" and "the storage won't aggregate."
As a result, by the time the 7 p.m. movie started, it was after 7:30 and my feet were frozen.
The movie seemed very long (there's a review coming that explains that further) and so by 10 p.m. we were SO cold.
We came home, drank hot chocolate, bundled up in robes and blankets and went to bed early to get warm.
This morning as I write my review, I'm trying not to let my discomfort affect my opinion but I'm thinking maybe the festival organizers could offer to pass a hat for heat, whaddaya think?
It might help.

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