Monday, January 28, 2013

Thrilled to death

Gettin' in gear
Our 3-year-old grandson from California has never driven our little battery-operated power cruiser before.
He's always been a thousand miles away when we had a grandma's carnival or summer party.
So Saturday, when I suggested we give Jack a spin in it after he'd exhausted our stash of toys and wanted to know "What else ya got?" his parents and Marc all said it was too cold, he was still too young and it was too dangerous.
"Piffle!" as my mom would say.
We moved the real vehicles, cleared a path and hauled out it out.
We put Jack inside and admittedly, he's a tad short.
Look out world!
To push down the gas pedal, he had to sit up close and stretch out his leg.
Steady as she goes
But he soon roared away with no trouble, right into a snowbank.
A few minutes later, after his dad and grandpa sorted things out, he took off again, flying down the sidewalk with this mixture of glee and terror on his small face.
He looked like he literally had a tiger by the tail and I had to hoof it to get out ahead of him to get pictures.
He drove to the west. He drove to the east. He went around the curve.
He discovered the radio and changed the channels.
Once he realized he was the master of his ship, he decided he was having unmitigated fun.
For probably 30 minutes, he stayed at the wheel, running at top speed, turning only as necessary and gaining confidence with each tiny mile.
He was so focused it was difficult to tell if he was really enthralled or just hanging on for dear life.
Outta' my way gramps
But at the end, when it was time to go and he had to get out, he said, "But I just want to go for a drive to the park!"
He cried too.
I think he's a fan.

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