Friday, February 22, 2013

Schooled by the children

I learned a few things during my four-day stint as full-time grandma for three of my granddaughters, things you think I would already know after being on this Earth for more than 60 years and raising six kids.
For instance, I was soberly informed by the oldest that the 4-year-old deserved more of a break after I had scolded her for tipping over the baby and stealing her playthings.
Adell thought we were being too hard on Hannah especially after grandpa had just yelled at her for turning off the lights on him while he was bathing 18-month-old Mia in a bathtub full of water.
Such a pretty girl
Hannah was understandably upset that both of her normally easygoing, indulgent grandparents were mad at her on the same day.
It took some talking and soothing to get her calmed down for bed.
So I was talking it over with Adell and expecting her sympathy since she lives with this fiery little sister all the time and routinely gets in trouble for fighting back.
"She's little too, grandma!" she said, looking at me straight in the eye.
Oh, right. She's right, I thought, determining to be more even in my child management.
Then Hannah and Mia and I decided to have a tea party.
We found pretty, long dresses, beads, flowery hats and high heels.
I dug out a lacey tablecloth and the china cups and saucers I've preserved from my childhood.
I brought out the tiny utensils I bought on a whim at IKEA for just such grand occasions.
Hannah and Mia sat happily at the little table and looked at me expectantly as I tried to think what I had on hand for such a spontaneous event.
But before I could get my tea sandwiches cut or my apple juice tea made or my tiny cookies on a platter, Hannah said rather disapprovingly. (I was hurrying.)
"Grandma, you need food at a tea party!" (She's right. What was I thinking?)
Then there was Mia, hollering "Ow! Ow! Ow!" as I tried to lead her gracefully by the hand out of the restaurant without letting go of her hand or allowing her to careen into the tables and people.
I really wasn't hurting her, folks.
I know better even if I don't know much.

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