Friday, February 15, 2013

Did I let the dog back in?

The tea party girls
It's been a busy week while my daughter and her husband were on vacation in Maui.
I learned the routine that comes with having three small children and a toy poodle in the house that pretty much goes like this:
Make the first breakfast.
Take the oldest to school.
Let the dog out.
Stop the baby from pulling out everything in your purse.
Dress the baby. Talk the 4-year-old into getting dressed.
Let the dog in.
Make breakfast. Put away breakfast.
Give everyone a snack.
Put the baby down for a nap.
A little snack with lunch
Make lunch. Put away lunch. Wipe down the kitchen.
Give the 4-year-old a snack.
Wake up the baby and pick up the first-grader from school.
Give everyone a snack.
Change the baby. Keep the baby on the bed until she has a new diaper securely on.
Let the dog out.
Catch the baby as she comes down the stairs in dress-up high heels.
Let the dog in.
Change the baby. Persuade her to give back the car keys.
Get the 4-year-old a drink.
What? Did you fix my hair?
Get the baby a drink too. Clean up the spill.
Make supper. Clean up supper.
Give everyone another snack.
Run baths, get kids wet, get kids dry.
Sword sisters
Read stories and say prayers.
Brush teeth.
Give everyone a snack.
Let the dog out.
Rest a bit.

Like, I'm a first-grader
Jumping beans

Let the dog back in.
Repeat throughout.
Then hand-off the children and the dog to the other grandma.
Take a nap.
Cry because the house is too quiet.

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