Thursday, May 23, 2013

Standing out in a crowd

Marc and I recognized we would probably be among the older, more sedate fans at the Imagine Dragons concert Monday night.
Because we have both been news reporters over the years, we are well used to showing up at places where most of the crowd are just getting their driver's licenses and planning their prom dates.
So it was OK to be the silver-haired (at least Marc is silver-haired. Mine is bottle brown still!) duo in the seats waiting for the rock music to
We were probably among the few who didn't appreciate the warm-up bands either. They were loud and raucous and screechy.
We didn't do the wave.
We didn't mob the stage.
We sat and waited patiently as opposed to dancing and strutting and moving all about.
But we did enjoy the Imagine Dragons music. That's why I had arranged with The Deseret News to review the concert for the newspaper.
I'm interested in the band's career and one of the guitarists is a local boy.
I offered to attend even though it was on a Monday night and it was slammed with no assigned seating.
I even had a photo pass for Marc.
So when the time came, he muscled his way up to stage left and waited to take pictures of this band that has shot to the top of the music world in record time.
He was standing there with his camera, his wide-angle lenses and patience in the hot, steamy events center with a bunch of youngsters.
A guy behind the photographers kept looking at him.
Marc smiled thinking there would be few places they would frequent together.
Finally, the kid leaned up and said, "Don't I know you? I feel like I've seen you somewhere."
Marc just smiled again.
Then the kid said, "Oh, wait. I know. Aren't you on the High Council in our stake? I've seen you on the stand!"

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