Monday, May 20, 2013

Tracking Tracker

I like dogs.
Dogs are great.
But we don't have a dog because dogs require dedication.
You have to feed 'em and love 'em and walk 'em and train 'em and make sure they don't get away.
That's why I was surprised to find myself standing in the pouring rain Saturday in a strange backyard trying to convince this runaway 40-lb beagle to let me take him home.
We had driven up to Smithfield to see our granddaughter's dance recital.
While mom ran to get the granddaughter from rehearsal Marc and I were to watch the twin 3-year-olds and the dog.
We did fine for a while. We did a puzzle and played Tickle Monster and kept the little guys from destroying the house and each other. They are active little boys with a natural curiosity and energy that keeps a grandbody hopping.
So when the rain appeared to have stopped and we'd run them around the garage a few laps on their lazer racers, we thought it might be nice to take them on a neighborhood walk.
Marc opened the garage door and they, along with Tracker the dog, were gone in a flash.
The twins jumped on their bikes and headed up the road. Tracker was WAY up the road the other way and it started to rain again.
"I'll get the dog!" I told Marc. "You stay on the boys."
I headed after the beagle.
For a short, heavy dog he could book it.
I hollered at him in my best authoritative voice. "Tracker! Come here! Come here now!"
He raised his head and stared back at me wondering who I thought I was.
He kept moving.
I picked up the pace and nearly reached him before he started through somebody's flower patch.
I tried to herd him. He was having none of it.
I cut around a house, he saw me coming and veered away.
I tried to catch up. He was too fast.
I lunged for his collar and grabbed it, thinking I could haul him back home. He growled and resisted.
I tried to pick him up.
He growled again, this time more ominously. I let go.
I stood there trying to come up with a plan. He was heavy. He didn't WANT me to pick him up. He obviously didn't respect my authority. I didn't want to lose the family pet.
I was cold, wet and out of ideas.
That's when Erin showed up with a leash which she snapped onto Tracker and a van into which she pushed him.
I was SO happy to see her and in the future, I'll keep garage doors closed and NOT get a dog.

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