Thursday, September 5, 2013

Big Bird

We've tried for a while now to discourage what I call the welfare pigeons from raiding our bird feeder.
We don't mind buying $25-$30 worth of black oil sunflower seeds a month for the cute little finches and the occasional scrub jay.
But we really don't like the big, lumpy pigeons that consistently topple the feeder and the birdbath and overtake our little bird world.
Sometimes there are dozens lining the top of the fence out there.
They hustle in and push away the cute ones.
They scatter the seed.
They make a mess, leaving feathers in their wake and other personal debris.
We've tried scolding them and scowling out the window.
We've bought smaller feeders but they hang onto the edge of whatever bird feeder we own and flap around trying to maintain purchase.
They have no shame.
And if we stop putting out food for them, the dozens of acceptable birds would have to go without as well.
And we really enjoy having a lot of chirping and fluttering going on in our back yard.
So we endure.
But I'm seeking a solution still.
Any ideas?
(I've threatened to put up a "No pigeons. Keep out!" sign but I think they're too dumb to read.)

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