Thursday, September 19, 2013

Driving crazy

As I tell others about our week in Bear Lake, I'm starting to notice a pattern to the patter.
We had a lot of tough driving experiences this time around.
I've already blogged about the ride on the RZRs into the wilderness.
As I've talked to others I've found that the untrained, innocent ought to think a little before jumping on an ATV without any preparation.
In addition, we had quite the adventure coming back to Garden City from Smithfield...after we finally arrived late for dinner (which we were bringing).
We thought it would be fun to pop over to Smithfield for a game night since we were only — I thought — about a half an hour away.
We love games.
Marc's daughter Erin and her husband Brian love games.
We could have dinner, play games and see some grandkids all in one shot.
We headed out a little after 3 p.m., me thinking we were on schedule and thinking Marc knew what he was doing when he suggested we go by way of Preston and Emigration Canyon.
At 4:15 he called Erin to say we were just getting going.
At 4:45, I realized this was no short trip.
At 5:30, we rolled into Smithfield.
I was fretting and unhappy with thick pork chops still to cook.
Then around 10:00 we left for "home."
It was raining and stormy and we were worried about hitting deer in the canyon. (This time we were going through Logan Canyon since our shortcut hadn't worked very well.)
Thunder clapped. Lightning flashed and our wipers worked hard to keep ahead of the raindrops.
Steam rose from the road and obscured our view. Clouds rolled in.
(Fortunately the deer seemed to have the good sense to stay in their thickets and off the road so no problem there.)
So by the time we came off the hill into Garden City, I was once again white knuckling and bracing for a run off the road.
We made it and to Marc's credit, we didn't die.
But I'm really ready for a nice quiet journey in heavy traffic down I-15. These road trips are killing me.

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