Thursday, November 7, 2013

Taking off in the Barbie jet

So I'm playing Barbies with one of my granddaughters.
The Barbies are getting ready for a trip so they're headed to the airport.
They have their hair fixed and they're all dressed up fancy the way Ellie likes them when she reaches for a wicker basket sitting on the cabinent.
"Here's their jet." she says rather wearily as she sighs and parks her dolls in the basket before it takes off.  "They don't have a real one."
I realize she's still thinking about the Barbie jet her cousins have, one Marc and I gave them one Christmas as a joint gift for three sisters.
She asked me for one last year and the year before that but I couldn't justify spending as much for one gift as we did for three at once.
And I couldn't explain it adequately.
I thought she'd forget.
But she hasn't, especially since her cousins have now moved back to Utah and everytime she visits she sees the jet they have and she doesn't.
I tried to forget about it.
But she trusts me and expects me to hear her.
When she didn't have any Ken dolls, I made sure she got some.
When she left her little sister Barbies at my house, I mailed them.
So I went on a journey to see if I could get her a jet...maybe the price had come down in the last three years.
It had a little but still not enough to make sense...
Now if I were buying it for two...
Hey, I realized her mom is due any day now with a baby sister so if I gave the jet to the two of them, that might work. I could do the same for another household with two little girls.
I convinced Marc and we went out to buy jets, paying full price but saving the shipping by buying in store and saving 5 percent with my new Redcard (See an earlier blog about that ordeal).
Then the Christmas catalog came with the jets on sale and $5 off coupons.
So I loaded up my jets and went back to the store to return them and buy them again for $22 less.
It was a bit of a hassle but the Target store people were nice. I only had to make two trips and show my receipt both times.
The pink plastic jets are now safely back downstairs awaiting wrapping and I can't wait to see Ellie's face.

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