Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The view from my window

It's been WAY too long since I cleaned the outside of my windows.
I know it and I admit it.
But yesterday when I officially took on the task, armed with a new, telescoping brush and squeegee tool, I was determined to make my windows shine.
I mixed up some soapy water and headed out, a woman on a mission.
I washed the sides I could reach, went back inside the house and slid the double-sides over so I could now clean the inner sides of our double-paned windows.
I went back inside to readjust and outside to wash some more.
I next realized I would have to take out the screens and keep sliding glass sections so I could wash all four? sides. The logistics involved gave me a headache but I was making a tiny bit of progress.
I waited for Marc to bring home a ladder and help me remove the screens before he reminded me that the screens lift out from the inside.
I removed a couple and then tried to get to the big ones in the living room and my office.
They absolutely refused to budge.
I pushed and pleaded and hurt my hands trying to get them to slide. They stubbornly stayed in place, except for the edges of the windows. Those were coming off.
I waited again for Marc.
He got it to move so I could wash some more glass.
Now we're trying to get the screens back in.
Over the years the little rubber tabs on them that are supposed to give you something to grab have come off.
We have one left on one screen, none on the others. It makes it challenging to work with them.
Marc tried to fit one of the bigger ones back in.
It wouldn't go.
He pushed, pulled.
He cussed and stomped.
He bent.
Here's the happy result:
I think we're going screen shopping.

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