Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Gingerly now...

Conner's concentration
Focus Fiona

Adell wielding the frosting gun

So pretty Hannah

Needs more frosting here (Mia)

The 2-year-old couldn't believe her good luck...There were bowls full of candy all over the table and free frosting. It was a dream come true.
We were decorating gingerbread houses and this was her first time at it so she practiced well. Frost, decorate, eat the candies off. Repeat.
We had some of the grandkids together for what used to be an annual tradition until some of the kids grew older and others became dedicated to gymnastics.
We made little graham cracker houses and put out trims of all kinds; M&Ms, Smarties, marshmellows, Dots, candy corn and star-shaped pretzels.
We filled a few bags with frosting and squeezed it out in pretty lines (some just got squeezed out but that's all right).
It was an artistic and sugary adventure that said "Merry Christmas" in a sweet, sweet way.
Did anybody get any sleep after?
Kyle meeting the back of the baby what? (Brayden)

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