Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Jingled my bells

We were in Hobby Lobby looking for jingle bells.
Marc and I have a holiday project we're working on that requires some bells, big ones that sound like Santa is coming to town.
We've seen some on leather straps for horses but we didn't want those and we didn't want to pay $25 for the ones we could find on the internet.
We buzzed on back to the rear of the store where I thought I had seen some.
We didn't have much time. The store was closing soon and we had things still to do.
So when I didn't find what we wanted right away, I looked around for help.
There were a couple of guys working in the aisle.
I stepped up to one and said, "Do you know where the bells are?"
He looked annoyed and frowned at me.
"What kind of bells? Jingly bells, like Christmas bells?" he asked.
I nodded, expecting he would direct me to the proper aisle or at least, say he didn't know.
"Yeah, jingle bells."
"Well, then, they would be in the Christmas section," he said and not very nicely.
He may have had more to say but I felt dismissed and turned away, waving him off with my hand.
I walked off without further discussion.
Marc was fairly shocked at my behavior.
How could I be so rude?
I couldn't believe and will defend to the death my right to be indignant.
How can a person who works in a craft store not know where the bells are and why it matters?
Is this the most outlandish question someone will ask during the season? Was I out of line to bother this guy who gets paid to work with old ladies like me?
And what makes him think "in the Christmas section" is any kind of definitive answer?
If anybody has seen Hobby Lobby lately, they'll know the whole store is a Christmas section, from front to back and side to side.
And, by the way, the jingle bells were two aisles over.

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