Monday, June 23, 2014

Baby birds and dinner

What Marc saw on the walk
We've had a lot of quail sightings this summer.
It's great.
Quails are very welcome at our house.
I love the little flip-top quails have on top of their heads and I find their funny little waddle-walk amusing.
So since they've started making our backyard, and now our porch, their home, I've been intrigued.
For a while there were two males obviously vying for the attention of the lone female in the bunch.
What a little one looks like
They'd fluff up their feathers and chuck at each other and sometimes even chase one another around the grass under the bird feeder.
The lady being sought just ignored them both for the most part.
But she must have succumbed to the attention because today we noticed a whole bunch of baby quails out following mom around the front lawn.
Dad sat on the roof chucking at them once he noticed that we noticed the little family.
We tried to get a good look but retreated when we noticed how frantic we were making everybody.
The new chicks are miniature and basically just small bits of feathers trying to get through the wet grass back to the nest (which must be under the front shrubs).
I haven't tried to get under the bushes to see them up close. 
We didn't want to stress them into moving to another home because, again, I like quail.
I think they are far cuter than the average pigeon or mourning dove that populate the back fence on a regular basis.
They are as cute as the tiny golden finches that come and hang upside down to eat.
And they definitely deserve to live and grow and chuck along in peace.
So when I came across this picture and recipe in one of the cookbooks I'm reviewing, I was indignant.
Not my kind of fine dining
How could anybody do this to a sweet, little birdie?
Who do I call?

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