Monday, June 9, 2014

Until the clock strikes midnight

It's really quite magical, the SCERA production of "Cinderella."
And since my husband is in the show, I couldn't officially review it but I've been given permission to laud it here on my personal blog.
I feel like it deserves praise.
It's well done and the little girls love Cinderella in her sparkly gown.
She can't get away after the show. She's signing autographs and posing for pictures long after the others have departed.
That's probably partly because her fans can't really differentiate between a Disney princess and a SCERA one.
At any rate, here's a sweet, pleasant show that fits nicely into a summer evening.
The Fairy Godmother just kind of pops up out of nowhere at the start and it goes fairly crazily from there.
The seekers are funny and do funny things.
The carriage is an effective illusion.
The glass slippers that get bigger and bigger are a humorous addition.
The prince and Cinderella make a nice couple. They have chemistry even though they really have a rapid-time romance op.
And the songs are familiar favorites, the kind that get stuck in your head.
It's nice to see Kathryn Little in a working role as the wicked stepmother.
Director Chase Ramsey has done a good job.
I just went on my own and sat back and enjoyed it rather than worrying about taking notes or keeping tabs on anything in particular.
I found I liked it a lot.
I also kind of like the king. He looks vaguely familiar though I haven't seen him up close for a while now.

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