Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Rockin' the boat

The happy couple, do we look tired?

 Just for fun, Marc and I decided to stay on a boat this time at Bear Lake.
For years, we've traveled on up to Garden City and stayed in the condos on Ideal Beach where we had a timeshare rental.
Once in a while, we stayed in a Bed & Breakfast nearby if we were off-week or just stopping by.
This year, since we had just a couple of nights when we would be in town, I was looking around for something cheaper.
I noticed an ad posted for Cisco's Landing.
For a mere $100 dollars or so, we could stay on what was advertised as a 26-foot yacht docked at the marina.
Step down carefully
I messaged my husband and he was game.
(At least he was until he saw the size of the bathroom that came with the "room.")
We checked in. We looked around.
We came in from the top of the boat down a series of little half-moon steps. To one side was a sleeping berth that looked cozy to me. Marc was somewhat appalled.
In the middle was a kitchen area with a tiny sink, a tiny hot plate, a tiny microwave and a tiny fridge.
On the other side was as padded table surrounded by vinyl bench seating that was supposed to be a second bed. The table promptly broke after Marc leaned on it.
TP and the kitchen sink, it can't be in the bathroom. It gets wet from the shower.
(At first, there was no power or hot water but the nice girl in the office called the owner and he came out and fixed everything.)
To the left was a very small bathroom with an itty-bitty sink, a doll-sized toilet and a mirror. (It also came with a plastic curtain that pulled down over the door if you decided to take a shower with the hose that hung on the wall.)
If we were careful about our movements we could manage to get about and change clothes without colliding with one another.
We weren't allowed to cook inside so it didn't matter that there was no space to put a bowl or hot pan.
We soon figured out that there was space everywhere. You just had to look inside a drawer or a cupboard or a cubbyhole.
It wasn't very grand but it was quiet inside even with other boaters partying next to us. There was no TV which I count as a good thing.
It rocked gently beneath our feet.
Teeny tiny
We could see the stars from the upper deck and gaze at the homely carp surrounding us in the water.
It was frustrating, restrictive, a new experience in efficiency and planning your steps in advance. 
The front yard
But mostly, it was memorable.

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