Tuesday, February 3, 2015


I really need to give RC Willey its due.
Crafted by the Amish
They came through on the whole Chinese chest of drawers thing and they deserve some credit.
We now have a new dresser and nightstand made by Daniel the Amish carpenter. It doesn't smell bad. In fact, it has a nice woodsy aroma instead of a chemical stink.
I told the store salesman in Orem my story and he led me around and around the store until I found what I wanted for the price I wanted to pay. It took some time as my husband can testify to my picky nature.
The new pieces almost exactly match the credit the store gave me for the stinky pieces we had bought earlier.
Then they gave me $200 off and a set of king-size 600-count sheets.
A sweet stand
They came and took away the old pieces and hauled in the new ones.
The salesman also said they would probably be shipping the whole line of furniture back to China where it came from. (Good idea!)
I'm what one would call a satisfied customer.
They listened to me.
They took my concerns seriously.
They dealt with me straight on although it had to be confusing and frustrating for them since I bought the smelly stuff in one store and exchanged it in another and left two salespeople having to divide their commission.
I'm now busily washing everything that spent any time in the stinky drawers but that's OK.
It's just nice to know some businesses still take care of the customer.

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