Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Think pink

A lot of little girls were all dressed up in pink for the opening show for young audiences at the SCERA Monday night.
Everywhere you looked there were pink tights, pink hair ribbons, pink coats and tops and pink frilly skirts.
My own granddaughter was pink from head to toe and grinning at the prospect of seeing the "Pinkalicious" play.
"I love Pinkalicious 'cause she's always pink!" declared 6-year-old Hannah as she settled into her seat. "I hope she does a good job!"
Hannah has been to a few plays before and a couple of magic shows at the SCERA so she knew kind of what to expect: music, lights and action (and a movie meal).
In "Pinkalicious" she got the story of a little girl so focused on eating "one more" pink cupcake that she eventually discovers she's turning pink.
She is thrilled until she finds that she blends in with the big, pink flowers at the park and the bees and butterflies won't leave her alone.
She is dismayed to find she has to eat green foods now to counteract the "Pinkitis" she has.
Since she's a fairly indulged child, she resists the doctor's orders with a constant stream of "Nos!"
It's funny and lively.
Hannah thought Pinkalicious was going to get in trouble and Pinkalicious (played by Julie Nevin) does.
She also finds out that she needs to compromise if she's going to avoid turning from pink to red and worse. (What's worse than red?)
Meanwhile her brother is jealous of all the attention going to Pinkalicious. He likes pink too.
The father in the story has a fondness for pink as well, something he's hidden because it was not socially acceptable when this story was written and because he was among the first to get Pinkitis.
The mother just doesn't know what to do beyond fixing all kinds of green shakes and brussel sprout burgers.
Somehow the story moves to dealing with the fact that the family never does anything or goes anywhere which seems kind of random but that's all right. The moral to the story seems pretty clear: Vary your choices?
The whole show is fairly silly but colorful, fun and just right for a pink audience who have all read the books.
Hannah loved it.

The tiny pink cupcakes shared afterward were just icing on a pink treat.

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