Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Costco rose garden

My husband and I were out running errands and arrived at the local Costco store a few minutes early. The store wasn't open yet but there was a curious sight.
Lots and lots of men were standing around in a bunch by the front door.
Many of them looked like tough guys, not your usual door-buster kind of customers.
As we watched, the crowd grew until it was large enough to warrant serious attention.
Was there a hunting rifle on sale?
Was there a demonstration of breakfast foods being made?
We were curious so after the doors opened and everyone flowed in, we asked the greeter what was up.
Desperate men on a mission
"Oh," he said, "It's the flowers."
It seems every year on Valentine's Day, there's a good price on a dozen roses ($15.99) and the word has spread.
All of these well-trained, loving husbands and boyfriends were snatching up bouquets of beautiful roses for their sweethearts.
Most of the men had this fairly desperate air about them as if they were narrowly avoiding collision with the one they loved most of all.
An indoor rose garden
It was funny to see as these guys  handed over cash for their various bouquets, roses of yellow, pink, orange, white and red. They smiled with relief and skedaddled homeward.
Costco had anticipated them and along with the huge displays of floral bouquets, they had set out boxes of chocolate-covered strawberries near the checkstands.
These guys were set.
It's nice that Costco is not only helping people save pennies but is also in the business of saving marriages, huh?

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