Saturday, February 19, 2011

Save the marriage at Starbucks

I went to cover a marriage seminar today.
I heard lots of wise people give good advice: pay attention to your marriage and to your spouse and hang in there through the rough patches.
One set of speakers showed us some movie clips about a marriage gone bad and how it was saved when the husband started a 40-day campaign to show his wife he valued her.
Another set showed us how cartoonists capture the essence of marriages by paying strict attention to what happens after and beyond the wedding.
It was very informative and while I found some of the advice simplistic and somewhat cliche, it still made for an educational afternoon.
I now have quotes for my marriage file from guys like Benjamin Franklin and Woody Allen. (Now there are a pair of marriage experts!)
The right stuff
I have a couple of comic strip statements from Frank and Ernest that really hit the mark ("I'll save slovenly and rude for marriage") and I have an envelope full of coupons for date nights: anyone for hitting the trampolines at "Jump On It?"
I have a Love Map relationship quiz to give to Marc when he returns from California. (He loves those kind of things.)
But best of all, I have a couple of ideas about how to connect with my husband on a daily basis.
The one lady suggested we have a "Hopie Chokie" moment every evening, otherwise known as a cup of hot chocolate together. That fits into the Mormon way of thinking just fine.
This other guy said he and his wife take advantage of their kids going to Bible Study every Sunday night. That's when they head to Starbucks for a cup of decaf.
Umm. Perhaps this guy doesn't know his audience.

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