Thursday, February 10, 2011

Oh! My eyes!

My young grandson takes his responsibilities very seriously.
He's always been committed to living right and doing what he should, even as an energetic little baby he tried so very hard to stay out of trouble.
Now that's he's turned 12 and been ordained a deacon, he's trying harder.
He wants to keep his mind clean and pure.
To aid in that effort, we — his clean-living, supportive grandparents — took him to the Nathan Burton magic show in Las Vegas.
It's been advertised as a family-friendly show and it's in the middle of the afternoon in the Flamingo Casino so how bad could it be?
First of all, we had to parade Scott and his little brother through the gambling hall filled with people drinking, throwing dice and winning big.
Scott in the middle
He fastidiously held a paper napkin to his nose so he wouldn't breathe in the smoky smell.
He kept his eyes straight forward so he wouldn't see anything he ought not to see.
Then when we arrived in the showroom and the show started, he kept covering his eyes, sometimes missing the best parts of the magic. I was surprised given that Scott enjoys magic, especially when it's done well.
To be fair to Burton, he doesn't talk dirty and his routines are — by most standards — just fine.
But he has these seven showgirl assistants who forgot to wear the rest of their costumes. They're mostly clad in skin and feathers.
As they jiggled and wiggled and shook their bottoms, Scott's hands flew to his eyes.
He wouldn't come back out until I assured him the girls were offstage. Then, just when we thought it was safe, out they'd come, again in very itty-bitty outfits.
Over and over again, he covered his eyes and waited for it to be safe.
I felt a little ashamed of putting him in this position.
Aren't we, the grown-ups, supposed to protect and lead by example here?
What was I thinking?
In actuality, he has the right idea.
Don't pollute the brain when you can prevent it.
Someday, he'll make a better missionary and husband and father because of it. It's just a little eye-opening to be made aware of the "evil" around us by a child.

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  1. Thumbs-up for Scott! And thumbs-up for his grandma to share the lessons these precious young men can teach us.