Saturday, April 9, 2011

China takes the prize

It's always fascinating to me how statistics can be used to make or break every argument.
Case in point: at the lecture this week at the Salt Lake City library on reinventing energy, one of the panelists held up China as a sterling example of "green" thinking.
According to this expert, China is leading the way when it comes to using and manufacturing solar power panels that harness the sun's natural heat.
America, by contrast, is falling behind and we should all be ashamed.
I was going along with the rest of the audience thinking how wrong that is.
Our beloved United States should be leading the way when it comes to saving the planet but according to these people, we're not getting on board fast enough with wind, geothermal and solar energy.
Sure, we're building a few facilities with lots of roof panels and trying here and there to cut emissions to zero but basically, we're losing the race and risking the planet we live on.
I busily took notes, intending to expose this fact of magnitude.
My plan was to go home and alert humankind.
All the while, I'm thinking how can a free enterprise, democratic nation lose out to a communistic country with way too many people with few freedoms and far fewer scruples?
That's when one of the other panelists pointed out that yes, indeedy, China leads the way in solar power component production but the country also is busily putting an alarming number of coal plants to support the said solar panel production.
They're greedily ravaging the earth and making a huge carbon footprint in the name of solar power?
I think I'm now offended and instead of being impressed, I'm outraged.

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