Friday, April 15, 2011

Double trouble

Brock the mover
We have the twins for a day.
And while we're thrilled with the opportunity to get to know these little boys (adopted by Erin and Brian last December) better, it's interesting to see them take in our house.
We're here thinking they'll like the little cars and the sandbox and the blocks.
We stood ready with balls and swords and stuffed bears.
What they like are the stairs.
They both like to go up and they both want to try to go down, usually at the same time which isn't a problem if both Marc and I are standing by but is a big problem if we're outnumbered.
The main problem is they have yet to master scooting or sliding down. They just know they look like lots of fun.
So every time we turn a head, they're on a dead run to disaster.
Isaac the swift
It's only 10 a.m. and we're already shutting them up in one room or another to keep them from the stairs. That means when we're upstairs they're in the Barbie room which doesn't have a great deal to offer a one-year-old male with a penchant for dissembling.
When we're downstairs, they know they are being denied the great kingdom in the sky.
They look at us with these big, curious eyes and grin as they toddle purposefully to the most attractive part of the house.
They run faster when they know you're too far away to stop them.
So far, we've kept them from breaking any bones or falling on their noggins but it might be a long day while their mother and big sister go skiing.

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