Friday, April 22, 2011

Emma's alphabet

One of the great perks of being a grandma/grandpa is getting invited to Visitor's Day or Grandparent's Day at the preschool/kindergarten/elementary school class.
Emma and Marc
We treasure our invites and don't even mind sitting on super-small plastic chairs for a while.
Coming alive
Four-year-old Emma asked us to come to the Sunshine Preschool just a bit ago and so off we went.
At the door, the teacher greeted us and told Emma she was lucky to have two guests for the day. She also sent the parents packing which is always a good idea.
We trooped in and got a kid-size tour of the place.
The alphabet girl
We saw the "reading books" room and the "snack room" and the "playing room" and the "potty room" complete with a tiny sink and toilet.
We helped Emma do puzzles and word games. We found her picture on the wall and her nook for her jacket.
It was all very interesting, especially since she was so proud of everything.
The best part was getting to the "Alphabet Room."
There Emma came alive.
As she looked around the room at the sheets of paper hung on the walls, she began to recite not only the letters but the sounds she'd learned for each letter.
It was fascinating..."C" for "clap, clap," "D" for "ding dong," "E" for "echo," "F" for "flip-flop,""K" for "karate kick" and so on.
She knew them cold and she had hand motions for each one as well. She came alive, this little girl who is sometimes so shy and reserved.
The alphabet unplugged
This was Emma's moment in the sun and she made the most of it, singing, moving and making all the appropriate faces and noises.
It was great fun...until she hit the letter V.
Suddenly she stopped dead in her tracks.
She made no sound and made no motion.
"What's wrong?" I asked. "Are you OK?"
I felt her forehead, checked her pulse.
She was completely motionless as if a switch had been thrown.
We looked at her teacher and each other for a clue.
"Oh," said the teacher. "We haven't learned about V yet."
I know a letter
Guess what this letter is?
Whew! We'd thought we'd broken Emma.

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  1. I'm glad she wasn't broken! Just needing additional information! Well written and cute, thanks for the smile for the day.