Monday, June 10, 2013

A really hot show

You'd think living in Utah for the past 40 or so years, I'd be prepared for the heat and the cold.
Greaseball the diesel engine guy
But it surprised me a lot to find St. George in the triple digits.
We went down to see two plays at the Tuacahn Outdoor Amphitheatre on Friday and Saturday night.
I had an inkling of what to expect when one of my friends told me it was good to go in June because later in the summer it becomes unbearable.
How much more unbearable could it be, I wonder?
This was absolutely sweltering.
The car said it was 122 degrees after we had dinner.
The director said when they tried to rehearse on the rubber track during the day, it registered 176 degrees on the surface.
We knew it was really only about 110 degrees in the theater but we were all crammed into these smallish seats with people on both sides and it was really warm.
Fortunately both shows were entertaining enough to take my mind off the heat some of the time (in Mary Poppins not so much but Starlight Express totally).
I also was better prepared the second night.
Marc and I both wore lighter and less clothing.
We took ice water in jugs and I had a cool, little misting fan I could turn on myself during intermission.
So I was happily misting during the 15-minute break when the hostess near us noticed my fan was dripping water on the race track in front of us.
Since all of the cast members in the show race around on roller skates going really fast she thought it might be a problem for me to be dripping onto the track.
She called for security and a mop.
I hastily put away my fan and tried to look nonchalant. I went back to being hot.
I was embarrassed and I certainly didn't want to be responsible for causing a collision or fatal accident.
So I didn't argue. In fact, I apologized for bringing my fan.
It wasn't until later I realized "Wait a minute. Just moments before a bunch of people had come down the track mopping it with water."
I don't think my couple of drops were going to make much difference.

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