Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Who needs a helmet?

I've been fighting my husband for a while about wearing a helmet when I bike or ski. (Since I don't ski anymore it's not a problem on the mountain but I still bike on a regular basis.)
I don't like the way it smashes down my hair.
It makes me hot.
I miss the wind.
And I'm not sure mine goes with my outfit.
So I've been hit and miss with it, wearing it sometimes so as to set a proper example for my grandkids, "forgetting it" other times unless I'm planning to wreck.
And I've been curious about the little kids riding in the bike trailers who had helmets on.
Why would they need them if they are just riding along in the back? I wondered. They wouldn't be going anyplace outside of the trailer, aren't they pretty safe in their tiny tents?
Then we saw this guy struggling up the hill on the Cedar Hills road with a kid on a tandem bike behind him and a trailer with two small children inside behind that.
The hill was steep and he wasn't a big or strong-looking guy.
He looked like he was going to lose the battle at any moment and everybody would go backwards in a rush without wishing to do so.
I started to see why the trailer passengers would want to be wearing helmets.
Then my daughter called me to tell me about a family biking accident.
Seems they were headed downhill at a stretch near their home that's pretty steep and tricky.
The trailer wheels locked.
The trailer flipped.
The girls inside were turned upside down and hurt.
One got a black eye and the other suffered a painful case of road rash.
It could have been very serious.
As it was, they were lucky and all of us were surprised that it could happen so quickly and so easily.
Maybe helmets for trailer riders are a good idea.
Maybe I'll start wearing mine every time.

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