Monday, June 3, 2013

It's pretty grand

Truly a grand sight
Another angle
(I'm the blonde in the background. :))

I haven't yet blogged about our Grand Canyon adventure except to gripe a bit about being sick and wax on about the exciting but dangerous Moki Dugway road in the Monument Valley area.
It's not that I don't have a lot to say about it.
It was way more interesting than years ago when my mother ordered we kids out of the station wagon to "Look at the Grand Canyon, dang it! We came all this way!"
I remember worrying much about whether my paper doll had the right outfit for the picture and a little about the vastness of the canyon.
This time around, 50 years or so later, Marc and I took a plane ride to the helicopter base, a helicopter ride into the bottom, a boat ride on the river and walked across the Sky Bridge.
A cool way to get there
We stayed two days in the canyon village itself and walked along the rim oohing and aahing about the spectacular views.
We looked down on the Colorado river and marveled that a lot of our family have successfully ridden the rapids.
We did NOT ride the mules down to Phantom Ranch.
We chose to see and not touch.
I made Marc buy me a book about all the fatalities in the canyon ("Over The Edge: ....) and I'm still poring over it, fascinated by the stories about people charging over the side only to expect rangers to risk their lives getting them off the ledge or from the tree that broke their fall.
I'm reading about flash floods and high water. Apparently it can be sunny with blue skies where you are and raining a ways off...creating a wall of water that will catch you in the slot canyons and make you die.
I'm learning all about foolishness.
Some people just stood too close to the edge. Some backed up without looking. Others met the end just goofing around.
Did you know that the majority of people died because they were trying to get a crazy photo of themselves looking like they were falling?
On the Indian Sky Bridge, most of the tourists were deliberately posing that way.
Our photographer didn't offer and when we asked, he said it was against the rules.
Whyever so?

Me, not being foolish

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