Wednesday, April 9, 2014

A TV Mystery

I've never really understood television, how it works and why it matters.
For me, it's enough to know which button to push to make it go.
I rely on Marc to choose which provider gives us the signal, to create a favorites list and to know which remote to keep handy.
So when our collection of remotes became unwieldy and finally stopped talking to the TV altogether, I was unaware with the gravity of the situation.
I figured we needed new batteries or a new remote.
I listened to Marc's despair without true concern.
For one thing, he can usually fix anything to do with signals and buttons.
For another, I knew he would not go very long without a working television.
It matters to him. (Me, as long as I can get "Bold and Beautiful," I'm good.)
He was alarmed when I told him I couldn't get the television to come on anymore — even after I sort of rebooted by turning the power on and off.
He picked up the four remotes and started pushing places.
Finally, he cried "Uncle!" and we hauled the set over to a repairman in Orem.
Sixty-five dollars later, we had a death sentence.
He said a Blue Tooth chip in it stopped responding. He said Sony no longer makes the kind of TV we had and no longer provided a remote that worked with it either.
Marc was livid. He called Sony up and hollered at several underlings.
We checked on our warranty. (Of course, this TV is just over the 2-year period.)
The repairman gave us back our TV and said we might try buying an infrared remote if we could find one. We found one for $85.
Then we had to find a computer that could upload the program. Mine was not up to the task. We tried my daughter's.
It did it...for a minute...then it stopped.
Totally discouraged, Marc told me to take back the expensive remote but the cashier wanted to know if we had talked to the people who made the remote.
We hadn't. Marc was skeptical but he did it and, ta da, it's currently working.
We're thrilled and relieved not to have to toss a perfectly good TV or spend $600 for a new one.
But I'm not sure we can hold our breath and cross our fingers much longer.

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