Friday, April 18, 2014

Dealing with Il Divo

It's no secret that the Il Divo guys are good-looking.
And talented.
And successful.
And rather sexy.
But they have the good sense to play it down, for the most part.
Except for Carlos, the bass singer from Spain...he works it.
He flirts shamelessly and reminds the world he's single, wink, wink!
His shirt is open and he kind of swaggers around the stage.
The audience — mostly middle-aged women — on Tuesday night, loved it and him.
My husband just laughed.
He was roped into going with me to review the concert and played the good sport.
Marc chuckled when the foursome stepped onto the stage and the audience gasped.
I don't think he was expecting everyone to instantly fall in love.
But as they sang love song after love song with gusto and fervor, it quickly became apparent that these singers know their stuff.
They move with confidence.
They smile with their eyes.
They create an aura of magic.
I enjoyed all three hours — really, three hours — of their music, even though most of the songs they performed are oldies but goodies.
They sang in all kinds of languages, flawlessly, powerfully.
The only mistake I heard in the whole concert was actually made by the lady singer who joined them for segments of their North American Tour.
She said she just loves the clean air in Salt Lake City and for some reason, that didn't go over as well as a lot of the evening.
Perhaps someone should tell her about our inversions.


  1. Thank you for a good review. I've been a fan for a few years and anxiously awaiting their concerts in Tampa and Orlando next month. They are addictive and I'm especially drawn to the French one. :-)

  2. Loved your review!!!! And I agree with every word! They are charmers with bags of charisma and are easy on the eyes..... but it's their talent that really captures you. They truly are professionals and they care about giving a spectacular performance every concert. I like their attitude!! LOL I'm so glad you enjoyed every minute!!