Tuesday, March 1, 2016

A magical ski adventure

A mighty threesome, Ally, Ellie and Adell

It was one of those magical days when everything just seems to come together.
Marc had been wishing he could get out skiing one more time before spring (it seems to come in late February these years).
He wanted to see the twin grandsons ski. (Their parents take the family skiing every weekend for survival purposes.)
We both wanted to get a couple of granddaughters together, friends who live 100 miles apart.
We wanted to give one a chance to learn to ski at the same time.
And I wanted to see the baby.
So we launched into a plan to get to Beaver Mountain this past weekend. We packed a lunch. We surveyed the territory. (I wasn't going to ski on my newly repaired knee. I was going to watch and tend and enjoy.)
We made arrangements with the various mothers and a reservation for a Learn2Turn lesson.
We left at 6 a.m. and drove to Logan and on to the resort which is about 2 and 1/2 hours from our home.
Paige on skis for her first time
We arrived to find it sunny and warm. The snow was beautiful. The sky was blue.
We got Adell her skis and boots and found out where to go to wait for her teacher.
We met up with Brian the dad and his crazy boys — boys who can ski like they were born on the mountain.
Marc took off for a couple of death-defying runs.
I read a book for work until the baby showed up with his mom.
At lunch we shared sandwiches, chips and cookies. We checked on the new skier who was pretty proud of herself. She was loving it!
By the end of the afternoon, she was skiing like a pro and keeping up with her new friends who had been skiing for years.
The baby and I hung out. The mother of the baby and the twins got in a couple of unencumbered runs. Rare.
The two-year-old got on skis.
All in all, it was a marvelous day.
Everybody was fine. It only snowed toward the end. It was powdery, fine and nobody got hurt.
Hey, grandpa, can I ride up with you? (Brock)
It was one of those days you almost don't believe and you're not sure you'd expect to ever happen again.
We're still surprised at how well it went.
Who's going with us next time?

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