Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Over to the dark side

I've always been a Republican.
My mom was a Republican and I grew up kinda thinking the Republicans were the chosen people while the Democrats listed to the dark side.
Over the years, Marc and I have had a few debates about our leanings because I didn't see any need for him to be a Democrat.
But then his dad was one and he likes to go against the tide so it fits.
However, last night we both went to the Democratic caucus.
I was not impressed with any of my party candidates and he assured me that attending a Democratic caucus could be educational and fun for me.
We drove over to the Lehi Jr. High school where it was supposed to be.
In past election years, the Democrats could sometimes meet in somebody's living room.
Yesterday it was a madhouse.
Cars were lined up both sides of every road leading to and from the school.
The line of people snaked out for blocks.
When we finally got inside it was wall-to-wall bodies.
And they ran out of ballots.
It was a crazy scene.
Somebody ran home and printed more ballots and then handed them out to everybody.
On the Republican side you had to show your ID and walk into the gymnasium to listen to speeches and think.
On the Democratic side, it was good enough to fill out your pseudo ballot and toss it into the box.
It didn't matter that you didn't know your precinct. "We'll figure it out," said the lady holding the box.
As we walked away, leaving the chaos of the Democratic gathering behind and passing the well-ordered, peaceful Republican hallways, I said to Marc, "Hey, this is just like Heaven and Hell."
He laughed.
I then realized there's a fundamental difference in personality here. Order, peace and sense of purpose go with Republican values. Disorder, disruption and obstructionist behavior goes with the Democrats.
Everything suddenly made more sense to me.
Now, seriously, I KNOW there are all kinds of people in both parties and both parties have their virtues and their flaws.
But for us as a couple it was illuminating.
And it made for an entertaining date night.

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