Monday, March 21, 2016

Dream time

Yanni soaking up the love in San Jose
Over the years, I've reviewed Yanni's shows, book and concerts several times. His music speaks to me and apparently to people all over the world as his music continues to sell at record levels and his concerts all over the world sell out.
I've talked with the sexy music man on the phone more than once.
I own every album and a couple of DVDs of his monumental shows.
He's, in my opinion, a musical genius who gives and demands excellence.
Not only does he create stunning music but he's a gracious showman, willing to share the stage and the spotlight with other musicians who excel on the keyboard, the violin, the trumpet, the harp, vocals and the drums.
To be at a Yanni concert is to be transported to another world.
This one in San Jose at the City National Civic Center started about 7:45 and didn't finish until 10:20. (It would probably still be going on if the crowd had had its way.) Yanni and his entourage didn't let up the entire night.
Yanni and the 15-piece orchestra presented old favorites jazzed up for the night, new songs that will add to the array and thoroughly delighted the audience filled with fans of all ages and descriptions.
Lauren Jelencovic singing "Nightingale" was unbelievable as she not only hit all the impossibly high notes but played with them just like the bird does.
Charlie Adams on the drums proved he can handle the drumsticks masterfully and drink from his coffee cup at the same time!
Nowhere better to be
Yanni said he's been doing concerts now for 40 years and intends to return not only to San Jose but to Reno and New York, the only two places where he had concerts scheduled but had to cancel due to bad weather.
But it felt almost like a farewell concert maybe because I'm going to be 29 again this year for the third time.
It was lush and passionately played.
The lights added another layer of dimension and color.
The carry-you-away melodies from past concerts and albums were soothing, inspiring and gorgeous.
It was, in my opinion as an unbiased fan, absolutely lovely.
(If you want to catch one of the shows in this North American Tour, there's still time: see
He also has new music out (Sensuous Chill), a new PBS special filmed in Egypt and more magic to come, I hope!

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