Thursday, May 5, 2011

Interviewing Osmonds

If you asked the Osmonds if they knew me by name or face, they probably couldn't honestly say yes.
But I know them.
Over the years, I've interviewed nearly every one of the famous singing family and covered a funeral and a concert or two.
Virl wrote a book and I did a story on him and the book about his mother.
Jay wrote a book and I did a story on him and his book.
Marie wrote a book and I read it.
The Osmond Brothers appeared at Thanksgiving Point for a benefit and I dutifully did an advance and a review, chatting with Merrill and Wayne and Alan along the way.
I interviewed David Osmond prior to his appearing at the SCERA. (Marc and I also saw him in "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat" in Salt Lake when Donny fell sick and couldn't appear.)
Marc and I recently drove down to Vegas to catch the Donny and Marie show. (Loved it, by the way.)
Olive Osmond died and I covered the funeral, catching a glimpse of Marie on the way in.
I wrote a feature on Marie's porcelain doll line and got a chance to talk with Marie briefly in the long, long line at the doll shop.
I interviewed Ron Clarke who used to handle the Osmond public relations business.
I watched them faithfully on TV and at the Orem studios now and then.
I've watched them grow up, fall in love, marry, divorce and remarry. I've seen the talk shows come and go.
I watched "Dancing With the Stars" with a passion.
I bet I'm one of the few who still has a copy of their first movie and record.
I've never considered myself a real fan or groupie but I admire the family and their talents.
And as I sit here waiting for a phone call from Donny about his and Marie's new CD with my heart going pitter-patter, I realize it's true.
I think perhaps I am a fan.


  1. (Second try to post this comment!)

    Er, um yes, I would say you are! But here's the're not the only one!

    As a kid, I had Donny posters torn from TigerBeat magazine on my bedroom fact he and Michael Jackson were my first crushes.

    Marie was a role model for me...talented, poised and yet still the kind of good person I wanted to be. I met her a couple of times around town when I was at BYU, met her another time when she toured with her dolls and I was living in Hershey, PA. As a mom, I now empathize with her struggles, and admire her strength.

    I still listen to Marie's older CD's (from the 80's, I think) and am looking forward to getting the new CD (although in Mp3 format...who buys CD's anymore?)

    Liked your post, and I'll be back again to read more :-)

  2. Thank you. It's a good club to be in, actually. The Osmond fan club.