Friday, May 20, 2011

The time zone changes

Starting Monday, for the first time ever in our married lives, Marc and I will be living in the traditional married people time zone.
He'll go to work from 8 to 5 and I'll stay at home baking cookies. (Well, maybe not just baking cookies!)
We've never had that kind of routine.
Me and mine
Either we've both been working crazy schedules or he's been working when I'm not and vice versa.
At first we worked for weekly and/or daily newspapers that required him to work late Monday nights while I ran to cover police stories on weekends and at odd hours.
Then we worked for competing dailies and both of us were on call.
For a time there I worked for The Mormon Times which required me to work Saturdays and until 2 a.m. a couple of nights a week.
He's been involved in numerous theatrical productions over the years which introduced yet another element of demand. When I had a free night, he had rehearsal. When he was free, I had a council meeting or some such exciting event to cover.
It's been a juggling act and one which called for constant adjustment. We've had to be creative and sometimes merciless to get quality time together. (No, I can't come to the church social, Marc and I need to talk.)
This last few months we've both been home not working out of the home with plenty of time together and together and together some more. 
We've had to share the space, the TV, the phones and the computers.
I've gone from never having to make lunch to sometimes making lunch to making lunch every day.
The grandkids have learned to expect Grandma AND Grandpa to be available to play Barbies.
It's been OK but now we start a new adventure, kind of a "Leave it to Beaver" life.
Marc will just be in Orem, not that far away and I'll be here, doing my freelance thing.
I can pop over for lunch if I want. I know where he'll be.
We can plan our lives.
We know what time he'll go to work and what time he'll come home.
We know what days he'll have off and when he can take vacation.
It'll really be simple and sweet.
I hope we can deal with it.

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  1. Change of course is not easy, but there are advantages to each pattern of life, so just focus on the positives in your current one. Ha! sounds easy, have fun!