Saturday, May 14, 2011

Xactly the right job

Marc got it, Xactly the right job.
It's not far from home. It pays well. It comes with benefits and it will employ most of the skills he's spent a lifetime honing.
He's been hired to be a marketing writer for Xactware in Orem.
This is the job he interviewed for a while back as they said, "Thanks for coming in. We like you a lot but we're not prepared to hire just yet. It'll probably be two to three months..."
Then — less than a month later — he got a call to come back for a second interview.  He was thrilled and sick with anticipation.
Then they called and rescheduled for the same day he was scheduled to give platelets at the American Red Cross office. He figured he could only give so much blood, right?
He arrived early. When the interviewers asked him why he wanted to work for their company, he said quite honestly that above all, he just wanted to work and yes, he'd like to work for them because Xactware seems to be a successful company with a bright future.
They said "We'll let you know within a week's time."
The clock started ticking as we counted the days and hours. He started to look around for another four jobs to apply to and list on his unemployment form.
Finally, on Wednesday, we were at Marc's daughter's house playing with the grandkids when the phone rang. Marc had to extricate himself from a lot of little arms and legs and find a place where he could hear.
"What?" he said into the phone. "You've offered someone else the job? Oh, you're offering ME a job. Yeah, sure, I want the job!"
He then proceeded to jot down the details on a newspaper ad on the counter, all the while dodging kids and noise and mayhem.
Turns out this is a dream job at a company that not only appears to value its employees but offers all the things that went away bit by bit in the last two jobs...healthy benefits, a good wage, vacation time, a 401k, life insurance and self-respect.
He starts next Monday.
It couldn't happen to a nicer guy.


  1. Congratulations! I can only imagine what a sigh of relief that must be.

  2. Yippee! I told my former students there that they will love working with Marc!

  3. Good for Marc. Guess that means you're not selling your house?

  4. We're very happy and feel very blessed. Not a lot of job opportunities out there for we 60-year-olds!