Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The master negotiator

We were taking Adell home from lunch since we had to go to the store right by her house anyway for a couple of things.
She was busy in the back seat telling us her stories as 5-year-olds are wont to do and we were listening like the dutiful, interested grandparents we try to be.
The chatter was about her preschool graduation and the new friend she'd made at lunch at Carl's Jr. when she paused long enough to find out if we were going to grandma's house after our shopping.
"No, Grandma and Grandpa have work to do," I said, trying to let her down gently. "But you can pick out a treat if you want at the store."
The Belly Washer
"Oh!" She said brightly, looking out the window at the Smith's Marketplace signs.
"I know this store. They have my drink here!"
Marc and I looked at one another.
"Really?" I said, "What drink?"
"The Strawberry Shortcake drink I need," she said happily. "I know where it is!"
I'd been thinking along the lines of a 50-cent candy bar or maybe a $1 roll of gum or fruit leather.
We went into the store and I asked her if she knew where to find what she wanted.
"I think so," she said, heading toward the drink aisle. "You look that way and I'll look this way."
We found the ice cream and the spinach on our list and proceeded to look for Strawberry Shortcake drinks when she suddenly shouted with delight.
"There it is! That's it!" she said. "Mom said they probably didn't have any more but they do!"
We looked at the cute little containers of drink topped with toys like Superman, Spiderman and yes, thank goodness, Strawberry Shortcake.
Only $2.99.
"What about Hannah?" I said,  thinking of Adell's little sister who'd gone ahead of us to take her nap.
"She's OK. She already got one," Adell said.
Her mom told us later Hannah did get one last time out and Adell wanted one too. She thought Adell had forgotten about it.
Silly mom.

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