Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy Birthday again and again

It's always a challenge to figure out what to get Marc for his birthday. It comes just after Father's day so I'm usually out of ideas.
This time though, I thought I had a clear shot at getting exactly what he wanted.
See, he had this pair of Boze earphones that had apparently been stolen when he want to Salt Lake for an audition.
He was heartsick because it hadn't been easy to talk me into buying them for him at Christmas.
I thought they were too expensive and it always makes me mad when I try to talk to him and he's lost in his music.
But he really, really wanted some earphones that stayed in and sounded marvelous to boot.
So when he came home to tell me he'd tossed them on the car seat as he ran in to his interview only to find them gone when he returned, I figured I could save the day by getting him another pair for his birthday.
In the meantime, he got his new job so we wouldn't be free to shop on his actual birthday so I suggested we go up the Saturday prior to pick up a pair. (I dare not buy these without him.)
He was pleased but less than thrilled when I said, "Of course, you won't be surprised on your birthday."
"These are for my birthday?" he said. "We're counting them for my birthday?"
Whoops. I guess not.
Now his weedeater has quit on him so we've bought a new one. Since his birthday is tomorrow, I'm thinking, "All right. Here's his gift."
It came in yesterday so we drove up to pick it up. When I said "Happy Birthday!" he was less than impressed.
So that's no good.
I would have counted the extra tie we got when we bought a wedding tie but that seems cheap.
I wonder if there's any chance he'll break or lose something else in time for me to pick it up before tomorrow.

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