Monday, July 4, 2011

The night lights

Whether or not you agree with the changes in Utah's fireworks law, one has to admit, it certainly made for a more visually interesting 4th of July.
We happened to be driving home from my son's home in Eagle Mountain and were amazed at the scene.
There were dramatic fireworks on every turn, so big and so many that it was difficult to pick out the professional ones being set off at Thanksgiving Point in Lehi.
(The only way to tell was to identify the longitude and latitude.)
There were fireworks of all colors and kinds, big boomy ones and spinners and the kind that look like giant dandelions.
Some whistled and others danced. Some did a series of flashes and flares. Others soared really high into the air, headed for the moon.
I'm not sure making some more elaborate fireworks legal in our fair state is cutting down on the traffic to Wyoming and Nevada. There were plenty of displays that we could see that didn't look all that legal.
I'm not even convinced that it's a safe and sane plan but it made for a really fun night, especially since we actually only spent about $30 for ours but reaped the benefit of thousands of dollars of other people's expenditures.

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